How To Keep Hands Warm Skiing

How To Keep Hands Warm Skiing

Skiing is the best thing in winter, isn’t it? But what’s more annoying than cold hands and feet? You have probably tried a thousand things to get rid of cold hands but each of them have failed. Just like i struggled with it last year. But now I’ve found a few things that work like magic to keep my hands warm while skiing.

If you have chronic cold hands or poor blood circulation then you must be having a tough time while skiing. If you are struggling with cold fingers then I’ll list down some ways to help you with frigid fingers. So let’s jump right in.

Put Gloves On: Put your gloves on before going to skiing spot. Never leave the lodge bare handed. Putting gloves on is a must in skiing but some people don’t know how to make the best use of it.

If you put your gloves on right before you start skiing then it’s time to bring the change. Put on your gloves even before you step out of your lodge so it will help your blood vessels to warm up even better.

Waterproof Gloves: Shell gloves ain’t completely waterproof. So never put on shell gloves. Go for gloves that are breathable. breathable gloves won’t harbour moisture from hands and keep them sweat free. Because once your hands are wet, it’s going to be very difficult to dry them out.

Tightness Around The Wrist: If you put wrist wrap on while skiing, make sure they are not too tight. Tightness of wrist wraps can decrease blood circulation to your hands. So this will prevent your hands from staying warm. You can try going without wrist wraps in this case. Also make sure your gear isn’t tight around your hands.

Put Liners Inside Your Gloves: Have you ever tried a liner inside your gloves? If no, then it’s a must try! Liners that come in thermo reflective feature make your hands warm really fast. They keep your hands warm in resting time too.

Wear Mittens: If you are not satisfied with gloves even after trying all the renowned brands then buy a pair of mittens. Mittens make a huge difference while keeping your fingers warm.

These will keep your hands warm while skiing in winwarm. Invest in a good pair of mittens and it will last you a few seasons. Check out the blog post about gloves vs mittens.

Buy Hand Warmers: There are some air activated hand warmers. They contain cellulose, iron, activated carbon, vermiculite and salt. When these contents come in touch with the air, they get activated and produce heat. Keep an extra pair in your pocket cause you never know when you need them.

Keep Your Core Warm: Keeping your core warm is one of the most important things when you need to keep your fingers warm. Keeping your body warm will prevent blood from fleeing to the fingers. So wearing a leather jacket and a vest inside the jacket will help your fingers to warm up.

Heated Gloves: Try battery operated heated gloves if you have chronic cold hands. There might be nothing working for you but a heated gloves won’t disappoint. Look for some famous brands who manufacture heated gloves.

Movement And Action: Get some warm up before heading out to skiing. If you warm your hands up before putting the gloves on then it becomes very easy for your hands to stay warm. Don’t forget to keep your fingers moving when you are resting in the mountain. Don’t rest your fingers by keeping it on ski lift bars.  Never remove your gloves or mittens.

Block The Wind: If your gloves aren’t windproof, it will allow the breeze to go inside your gloves. Your fingers will freeze with the cool air inside. But having waterproof gloves is enough to block the wind. You won’t need to buy windproof gloves separately.

Conclusion: I wrote a few tips to keep your fingers warm while skiing. These will help people with normal cold hands to people with extreme cold hands. Don’t let your fear of cold hands stop you from having the wintertime fun. Use these tricks to make your day more beautiful and warm.


Q. 1: Which brand should be good for waterproof skiing gloves?

Ans: Marmot, The north face, Dakine, Hestra and canada goose make the best hand gloves.

Q. 2: Where can I buy heated gloves from?

Ans: Target, HomeDepot, Amazon sells some really good heated gloves. You can check them out or look into some physical shops near you who sell skiing stuff.

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