How to Shower With a Shower Chair

How to Shower With a Shower Chair

To make yourself ready and relaxed after a long tiring day, a shower is a must. But the wet surface or slippery tub could make your shower difficult. As your age increase with time, the ability of moving freely and flexibility decreases. A top-class shower chair might be very useful for you.

Why Should You Need a Shower Chair?

A shower chair gives you a relaxed place and you would feel much comfortable when showering. It becomes hard for you to fall in the bathroom, if you are using a shower chair. It also could save your energy or reduces the chances of getting into any trouble. For an old aged person or a disable person, it has now become a necessity.

However, if you have decided to install a shower chair in your bathroom, it is important to know all things about using a shower chair. Because it could hurt you if you are not much experienced about this. Here, we are trying to give an idea about how to shower with a shower chair.

How to Use a Shower Chair Correctly?

Definitely, a shower chair is a must for the disable or old persons or those with injuries. You could also use the chair for more easy and comfortable shower. They are so useful that many even make their own shower chairs if they cannot afford one.

Sometimes, it could be possible that you fail to keep the balance and get hurt. Thus, you need to choose the correct and safe option for you. For most of the people, a fixed chair is safe because you don’t have to move it. it is safer to install a chair with handles.

The shower chair could give you many advantages and some of them are given below:

Relaxation: Getting relaxed after the busy schedule is very much important for you and a comfortable and nice chair could increase your relaxation when showering.

Storage: There are some additional storage in a shower chair. If you don’t need it, just avoid the chair with storage because it is better to give priority to your comfort.

Support: As we said before, for an old person, it is like a support as it could help you to shave or shower when you are too tired to do this work standing.

Improves the safety: If you are afraid of shower due to the possibility of slipping, a shower chair helps you improving your safety. You would not slip and feel pain using this and don’t need to run to a hospital.

Makes you independent: person with different kinds of disabilities, doesn’t feel independent because they need others help even when showering. but a shower chair could make you more independent as you are able to shower all alone.

Necessary Things to Shower with A Chair

  • Towel
  • A liquid soap or bar soap
  • Bath sponges or washcloths
  • Shampoo
  • Body lotion for a dry skin
  • A flexible showerhead with a long hose

How to Shower with A Shower Chair?

Your shower would become more enjoyable and less painful after knowing how to shower with a chair. If you are looking for the instructions about this, here it is:

  • Check properly that you have install the shower chair firmly to its place. Ensure that it would not slide or wobble or lean. Reposition the chair until you make it stable.
  • Clear all the things from the place that could obstruct to avoid stumbling.
  • Put all the necessary things for your shower beside your chair so that you could get it easily during shower without standing up.
  • You should place mats in the surface that is slip resistant because it is easy to slip when you will stand up with wet feet.
  • Adjust the height of the chair according to the user. It shouldn’t be too low or too high for them because it could create problems for the person to stand up after the shower. Fix it in such a position that the feet should be flat on the surface.
  • Sitting in the middle is better and you need to monitor your movement. Avoid making sudden motions and sitting in the end of your chair.
  • For an injured or disable person, ensure helping them to make necessary arrangements for them and give enough space for their privacy.
  • Make it sure that the water is not too cold or too hot.
  • Be careful while getting up from the chair after shower. Call someone to help you if you unable to stand up all by yourself.
  • You could summon someone if you are unable taking off the robe because it’s difficult to do it by seating in the chair.


There are different types of shower chairs such as portable, foldable and many others. Chairs are made from different materials as well. You should choose the right one for you in which chair you are fully comfortable and secure. Follow the steps in this article about how to shower with a shower chair and make your life easier.

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