20 DIY Easy Sewing Gift Ideas.


Sewing presents are practical stuff that you can do when it comes to a special event, such as birthday parties, vacations, and graduations. From pen holders and coasters to bookmarks, notebook cases and even a quite magnificent faux leather pouch, there’s so much stuff you can stitch that will be great holiday presents. Everybody loves a good handmade gift and whether it’s sweet candy, bread or a lovely little backpack or camera holster, you can be sure that everyone will appreciate these kinds of gifts.

DIY Simple Sewing Ideas For Gifts

If you enjoy sewing and want to make beautiful presents for your friends and family, below you will find many easy sewing project ideas for gifts that are extremely easy to make and take a little time to finish:

1. Fabric Bag for Gifts

Transform scrap material into a beautiful little fabric present bag and fill it with dozens of small gifts. This is a brilliant idea for homemade sweets or even bathroom salts or small makeup items. The bag itself is extremely easy to make and will take you no time to finish. You can make it even more practical for holiday celebrations by attaching an invisible zipper that you can sew easily.

2. DIY Cloth Coasters

If you know someone who likes to decorate for the Christmas holidays, you can prepare a collection of coasters for them. Made from scraps of fabric this might be that amazing project you dream to find. Use those material scraps that you saved for better use and make presents for your family and friend. You will not believe how easy they are to make, and even better, these DIY fabric coasters will fit perfectly to every decor.

3. Practical Duffel Bag

This backpack is great for a trip to a friend’s place, for the nursery and even as a bag for shopping. You can combine and mix your preferred fabrics to make a bag you will enjoy for the coming years. Because duffle bags are intended to be sturdy, think about making your bag from a strong, thick fabric such as cotton or denimIf you choose to go with heavy denim, simply use a thicker jeans needle in your sewing machine so you can pierce your hard fabric faster and without it.

4. Fabric Bins

Cloth bins are indeed a great Christmas present that you can make yourself. They are easy to make and good for storing everything, from hair devices to kitchen equipment. Their flexibility makes them ideal for many various kinds of environments and areas. They are easy to make and you can do them in your free time. You will need stiff fabric, scissors, thread, and straight pins to make these bins. If you enjoy sewing, this cool sewing project has to be on your main list for DIY Christmas gifts.

5. Fabric Dish Towels

For this project, you can use towels bought from the supermarket or you can make your towels. They are easy to make, and the majority of this project is the fabric decorations that you will sew on towels with a beautiful patchwork design. You can use different textures to have look you want and just need to cut out the outline of the feather and then stitch it on your towels with an adhesive webbing underneath to give it a cool quilted look.

6. Handmade Patchwork Bag

If you already have a selection of large quarters which just scream for a project, use them and make an awesome Christmas present for somebody special. This patchwork crafted drawstring bag is perfect for teenagers and adults and is extremely simple to make. Patchwork patterns are back in fashion these days and if you enjoy quilting, you can also create a quilted appearance for this bag.

7. Beautiful Bow Tote

This bow tote is a magnificent gift project for girls, teenagers, and ladies. It will be a great present idea for you to stitch which won’t be taking longer than a day to finish. To make them, you only need like two-thirds of a yard of fabric, or maybe more if you would like to make them bigger. You can even dress up a regular old canvas tote with just a small garment and ribbon if you like.

8. DIY Portfolio Or Notepad Holder

You can turn fat quarters to make a beautiful notepad or portfolio holder, which will be ideal for everyone, from working professionals to young people. If you are looking for a nice patchwork style, use different colors and fat quarter design elements. Alternatively, if you favor solid colors or patterns, you can simply select enough of the same fabric to match the same fat quarters. If you also like embroidery, you can make customized gifts for your friends and family.

9. DIY Fabric Bookmarks

These small bookmarks can be made from a small amount of material and you will need only a little time to make them. They are ideal for anyone who likes reading or needs to study for school. You just need to use the strips of fabric that remain from other projects and then if you are good in sewing you can finish several of them in about an hour. They would be ideal for combining with a beloved novel or you can use them even as handmade stuffers for various items.

10. Handmade Pen Holder

If you love practical handmade items then this DIY pen or pencil holder might be one of your beloved projects. It’s not only simple to sew, but it also provides you with an amazing pen holder, which is ideal for high school or college students or just everyone who has a personal diary. The holder holds the pencils and pens arranged and is a practical item for books and journals.

11. Lovely Lavender Sachets

These lavender pouches are great as a gift during the Christmas holidays and are easy to create. If you enjoy the fragrance of lavender you can use these lavender pouches in your apartment or give them as a gift to anyone who likes that fragrance to use them in their house. You simply sew lavender into sheets of sachets, which is simpler than you might think and it will not take a lot of your time to finish a whole set of them.

12. Holder For The Business Cards

This holder for the business card is the perfect present if there is somebody in your family who uses business cards. It is perfect for new university graduates who might want to keep their contact details handy for job interviews or meetings and it is easy the make. You just need a few tiny pieces of fabric and if you like, you can sew this by hand instead of using your sewing machine.

13. DIY Quilted Tote For Wines

If you intend to give someone the bottle of wine as a gift, you can make this knitted wine totes to accompany it. It is a lovely addition to the present and you can make it even for the various celebrations by picking fabrics with different colors or holiday portraits. You can sew up these totes fast and easily quilt them, which will protect bottles of wine inside the tote.

14. DIY Leather Laptop Cover

This DIY laptop cover is a great gift idea for anyone with a notebook and you can easily make it. The most patterns that you can find out there are designed to fit 13-inch laptops, but if you’re quite the sewing expert, you can simply adjust the layout to match any laptop it needs to suit. You can even make the case using colored canvas and then modify it with real or fake leather.

15. DIY Gardening Apron

This apron for gardening is the great Christmas present if you know someone who enjoys planting. It has several pockets to accommodate all sorts of planting needs and it’s relatively easy to make. You only need around a yard of fabric and some double folded bias tapes. Then put them together using your machine and the whole will only take you about an hour or maybe a little more to finish it. This is a good project to replace the remaining scraps of fabric.

16. DIY Patchwork Pillow For Traveling

If you have somebody in your family who travels a lot, whether for pleasure or business, this patchwork traveling pillow should be such a practical gift. If you like, you can do this project without any of the patchwork patterns and simply use just a solid fabric color. However, the patchwork designs are quite beautiful and they are simple to put together. You can fill this pillow with fiberfill, or just use grain if you want to make it more flexible.

17. Handmade Patchwork Trivet

This is another wonderful piece of patchwork, great for everyone who likes to cook. That would also be a wonderful addition to a gift basket with tea or coffee and is quite easy to make. You will need fabric scraps in various designs and colors to achieve the patchwork appearance and also don’t forget to pack it with quilt stuffing so that it can work as a trivet to cover tables and other furnishings from got items.

18. Beautiful Handmade Quilt

If you’re thinking about making a quilt as a Christmas present, you shouldn’t stress too much about the complexities of making it, because it’s easier than you might think, and you’re will sure get a lot of appreciation when you offer it as a Christmas present. Everybody would appreciate a handmade quilt for celebrations and if you have time to make it, you can do just a few of them for the holidays. Use any variation of fabrics and patterns you like, or even make a beautiful vintage rag quilt.

19. Handmade Case For Sunglasses

With this protective case for sunglasses, you can have a perfect gift by combining it with a new pair of sunglasses or you can even give them to someone who already possesses them. Sunglasses are not cheap so a durable case is an outstanding gift and also this case is easy to make and will not take a lot of your time.

20. DIY Handbag From Faux Leather

If purchased in a department store, this leather handbag would cost you a considerable amount of money, but you can make it all by yourself considering how much simple is to make. In any fabric store, you can find faux leather in all types of colors, so you just need to pick your colors and start to sew. This handbag will take you just a few hours to finish and out there you can find plenty of free stitching patterns to choose from.


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